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201 Weight Loss Transformational Stories That Have Changed People’s Lives

Alan Christiansen: Lost 317 Lbs.


It’s not healthy to weigh 538.8 lbs., and his typical lunch time meal included stopping at three fast-food restaurants to satisfy his cravings, totaling over 6,000 calories, and he struggled with everyday tasks.

“I couldn’t stand up in a shower for ten minutes,” he tells FIERCE Training. “Even doing dishes and cooking required a chair.”

It took Chris Christiansen only 18 months to get into shape (he lost 221 pounds) after signing up for Optavia, a coach-based wellness program. Optavia is a program that teaches you how to get in shape without having to count calories or hit the gym.

“I’m a better man, spouse, dad, employee, son, brother and friend to everyone around me,” he says. “I truly feel free from my chains that bound me for so many years — free to live the best life and take advantage of what life has to offer.”

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