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When To Take Mass Gainer? The Critical Factors To Remember

Increasing your size is one of the key objectives people try to achieve through weightlifting or bodybuilding. The foundation of enhancing your size depends on the number of calories that you intake on a daily basis. If this number is more than what you burn, it will accumulate in your body and increase your size.

The food we eat or the diet we take in our body can result in three different scenarios:

Most people who work out for bodybuilding purposes want to increase their muscle mass. That is why they consume large amounts of food especially calories and proteins.

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Not Exactly A Piece Of Cake:

What may seem to be an easy task from a distance may not be so simple when you are trying to achieve it yourself.
To put on weight is as difficult as the quest for shedding down of those extra kilos. Many people find it hard to get big in size because of different reasons.

These may include having a small appetite or very fast and efficient metabolic mechanism. Ideally, people should gain weight by eating natural products and real food items. To enhance their size, they should look out for taking in diets with the higher calorie count and good nutritious levels.

However, this is seldom done in the real world. Some find it challenging to follow such a large diet pattern everyday while for some others it may not be so economical in the long run. So what to do?

Mass Gainers – The Supplement To Gain:

Most people around us are looking for faster and more effective methods of gaining weight. For such people, the food supplement industry has innovatively created the weight gainers. Popularly known as the mass gaining supplements, these products provide the users the means of getting large amounts of calories in a simple and easy to use formula.

They are also more affordable and economical when it comes to price range. Many newbies might still be confused about the mass gainer and its usage. Well, below we have shared some of the significant details about this body building formula and provided the answers to the questions that might come to your mind.


What Is A Mass Gainer And What Can It Do?

In very simple terms, a weight gainer or a mass gainer is a supplementary formula that provides the user a large portion of his or her daily calories. It mostly comes in a powder form and contains a large number of micronutrients to nourish the human body. This wonder formula can be mixed with water or milk and taken in by the user very easily in one go.

It allows the user to get large amounts of calories and nutrients without having to eat large amounts of food which may be otherwise difficult or uncomfortable. Being an artificially created formula, it comes with certain methods of intake. To achieve maximum advantages from it, the mass gainer must be used in the proper way.

Otherwise, its effectiveness will be reduced. Incorrect usage or irregular utilization may also cause building up of excess fat than what is required. So the next question that may come to your mind is how to take this mass gainer for effective results? Let us find out.

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When To Take Mass Gainer.

The calorie and nutrient requirements vary according to the person’s body size and weight. There are variations from one person to another. It is, therefore, significant to find out the exact requirement of calories and proteins needed by the user on a daily basis. Accordingly, you can adjust the quantity you need to take in.

Suitable Times To Take Mass Gainers:

For an average person the best-suited timings of taking in the mass gainer are provided below:

1. When You Wake In The Morning:

In the morning when you get up from long hours of sleep, your body has already exhausted all its nutrients and is in a catabolic condition. So it will need calories.

2. Before You Start An Exercise Session:

According to many experts, the best time to take mass gainer is half an hour before your start your workout or exercise.

3. Right After Exercise Session:

When you exercise vigorously, your metabolic rate goes up and you start to consume your nutrients at a fast rate. This is when you need the mass gainer to provide you with the extra calories and proteins needed to increase your body size.

4. Before Going To Sleep:

When you sleep at night, your body starts a fast which will continue until the time you get up in the morning and eat again.
This is the time when your body will require a nutrient rich diet. Although this is also the time when absorption of calories and proteins is slowest, taking in a good mass gainer can prove to be very fruitful for enhancing your size.

These were some basic guidelines about when to take in mass gainers. However, most trainers and experts recommend that the timing of using a mass gainer depends on the type of supplement that you have chosen. Their effectiveness varies according to the time they should be used.

Significant Considerations:

It is important to keep in mind the following factors​:

• If you plan to take mass gainer shakes right before or after exercise sessions, it should be ensured that they contain less fat content and larger calorie count.

• As you take in these mass gainer shakes, their carbohydrates will be absorbed at a very fast pace. The insulin system of the body will be triggered causing the release of amino acids towards the muscle. This is what will build up the extra muscle size and body weight.

• Still, there are many trainers and experts who believe that timing of taking the mass gainer may not be very important. The key factor to focus on is the required level of daily calories and nutrients and ensuring their proper intake.

Taking a mass gainer should always be accompanied by some kind of a workout regime. Without workout, mass gainers are not recommended unless prescribed by a medical consultant.

Mass gainers are intended to supplement your daily requirement of calories and proteins. They are most effective when going hand in hand with proper body building exercises and sessions.

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Word Of Advice:

Like all other artificial products, there are both pros and cons of this one too. So before you start off any mass gainer routine, make sure you consult an expert nutritionist or a professional trainer who can guide you in the best possible way. Another helpful bit of advice is to do some research on intra-workouts. If you don’t know where to begin, check out this article.

We welcome your comments and feedback for any further queries.

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