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Why Are Fat People Strong? Answers To Hidden Strength In Thicker People

When was the last time someone walked up to you asked you to help them lift something heavy? Do people ask your help for carrying furniture and boxes around the house? Do your friends and family always ask you to open jammed jars and bottles?

Well, if yes, then I’m sure you must be the few people around with a weight over the normal range. It is very common practice for people, in general, to think of fat people as being stronger than others. This thinking has been there from time immemorial. But why are fat people strong? Let us try and figure out why.

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Fat Means Strong?

The first glance that people have on a person with above average size lets them assume that he is going to be stronger than the rest of the people around him or her. You might be in better shape at the time, but as compared to a person who is fatter, you are definitely going to be left behind in strength.

But is there any logical reason for a fat person to be stronger or is it just a social concept that has been assumed for a very long time? According to scientific research and studies, fat people have been proved to be stronger than the lean ones.

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What Could Be The Reasons?

It has been observed that people who are overweight do not have a toned or regular muscle formation both in terms of size and shape. The reasons for their excessive strength in a body may be attributed to the following:

This simply means that the fatter you are, the more muscle structure you will have to carry heavier and larger objects.
It has also been seen that fat people have very large calf muscles. This allows them to carry the extra body weight that they have along with enhancing their ability to lift larger weights.

Fat Is Not Always Useless:

There is a very common misconception in people around us that the excess fat that accumulates in the body of overweight people is only harmful and there is little or no advantage of having this extra fat. This concept has been proven wrong in the weight lifting sports category worldwide.

In games like this there is less restriction on weight limits and hence players eat more and work hard to become a fat and heavyweight.
As a consequence, they have greater ability to lift larger weights than people who are lean and thinner. The fat on the entire body might not have the same level of usefulness. Fats accumulated on different portions of the body will have different utilizations and advantages.

For example having large fats accumulated on the abdomen of weight lifters gives them a competitive advantage over the others. It makes his belly stronger and allows him to support larger weights easily.

More Advantages Of Having More Fats On Your Body:

Being a simple soul and an amateur when it comes to fitness training and jargons, you might not have heard of intramuscular fats.
But the truth about fat people being strong somewhat lies in this uncommon fats terminology as well. How may you ask? Let us find out.
According to some leading fitness and health experts, there are intramuscular spaces in our body. These get filled with fats if we become overweight.

As a consequence, the muscular parts of our body attach to the bones but at angles with a difference. This is considered to more beneficial than the prior arrangements of the muscle and bone structure.


The Physics Involved:

In the terms of physics, this concept revolves around the application of force on the bones of the human skeleton. A fat person will accumulate fats on various parts of the body. As the fat content continues to increase, it will also start settling into the subcutaneous layers and the spaces in the muscular fibers.

These filler fat muscles provide the extra size to the muscle and make it appear bigger in size and hence support more heavyweights and give strength to the fat person. These intramuscular fats are most common in the pectoral and thigh regions of the body.

The Geometry Involved:

This concept also has its foundation in the principles of geometry. When the angles of attachment between bones and muscles are changed, it allows the body to be more efficient for lifting heavy weights and gaining strength. Although not all of you might understand the difficult math in this scenario but for those who might let’s see how this happens.

According to studies, the highest efficiency of muscle structure is where the muscular pull is perpendicular towards the length. This means that most efficiency lies at 90 degrees. Reduced angle sizes than this figure would mean less efficiency of the muscle.

When people are fat, there is accumulated fat in the muscle fiber that makes it bigger and makes it attach to the limbs at almost 90-degree angles. Hence, it provides more efficient muscle arrangement for fat people.

Being Overweight Is Not Equal To Being Unhealthy:

Being overweight is not equal to being unhealthy
The new way of thinking has brought about a change in the way we used to perceive obesity or fatness. Many revolutionary and out of the box researches have been carried out in the field of medical sciences. According to some of them being fat does not categorize you to be unfit. It is no longer a health risk if you are overweight within certain limits.

In a research study carried out by National Cancer Institute in 2012, it was observed that fat persons had a life expectancy higher than thin or people of normal weight. On average, they would live approximately three years more than a normal person.

A similar study that was part of the European Heart Journal a few years ago, concluded that fat people whose metabolic rates are in the normal range are no differently at risk of cardiac problems or cancer disease than average weighted persons.

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Bottom Line:

Being fat does make you stronger than thin people but does not mean that there is any limit to obesity. Some points to remember if you are a fat person:

  • Keeping a check on your health statistics like blood pressure, metabolic rates and cholesterol levels is essential for every person irrespective of whether he or she is thin or fat.
  • Intramuscular fats are good for making you stronger, but if this muscle fiber is filled with muscle tissue instead of fats it will be even better. So try and improve the size of your muscle through muscle and not fat for 100% healthy strength. You can purchase muscle building supplements from
  • A healthy person is not fat or thin but one who exercises regularly.

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